Transfiguration of the Lord

Feast day: August 6

The feast's beginnings are unclear, but it may have been inspired by the dedication of three basilicas on Mount Tabor. The holiday was celebrated in a number of ways by the ninth century, and Pope Callixtus III declared it a worldwide holiday on August 6 to mark the lifting of the Belgrade siege (1456).

According to tradition, the revelation took place on Mount Tabor. August 6 marked the dedication of a church that was initially built there in the fourth century. Around that time, the Eastern Church began to observe a feast day in honor of the Transfiguration. In certain places, Western observance dates back to the seventh century.

The Transfiguration portends the Lord's exaltation into the glory of God and His ascent into heaven. It looks forward to the beauty of heaven, where we will meet God face to face. We already have access to the divine promise of eternal life because of grace.

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