𝓞 Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I dare not approach our Eucharistic Lord without You.  As I prepare to approach the Table of Sacrifice, I beg of you, through my total consecration to you, to clothe me with your own virtues of faith, hope, charity, purity and profound humility.  May I believe in the real Presence of Christ with the pure light of the faith you possessed while on earth.  May I hope in God’s Divine Mercy and Divine Providence with the very certainty and trust that you possessed while on earth.  Finally, may I adore the Eucharistic Heart of Christ with the pure and immaculate love of Your Immaculate Heart.  Take my heart and replace it with yours, that our Lord might be pleased to be received by You living in me.  Prepare my soul to become a worthy sanctuary of Your Son, who hates iniquity.  May this Eucharist bring about radical spiritual and physical healings in my soul, mind and body.  Through my reception of this most holy Communion, may I be completely washed in the Blood of the Lamb and thereby be forgiven of all my many sins and the temporal punishment due to sin, both now and especially at the hour of my death.  May this Eucharist enable me to love God above all things, with my whole heart, soul, strength and mind, and may I love my brothers and sisters with the very love of Christ.  May I be purged of every sinful and inordinate desire and attachment.  O Queen of Heaven and of my soul, purify my desires, such that the single greatest longing of my heart might be a radical, transforming union with Christ, and an ever more perfect conformity of my will to His Divine Will, that I might always and everywhere accomplish the will of our Heavenly Father.  Finally, grant me, in Your beneficence, all of the graces that I need to continue to grow in holiness each and every moment of my life, and to forgive all who have hurt me with the very love and forgiveness of Christ.  Subjectively dispose my soul to receive all of the graces, blessings and mercy that Christ is eager to bestow upon me through the reception of this most august sacrament.  Amen.

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