Saint Jeanne Jugan, Virgin


Saint Jeanne Jugan was a French Roman Catholic nun who is known for founding the Little Sisters of the Poor, a religious congregation dedicated to the care of the elderly poor. She was born on October 25, 1792, in Cancale, France. 

Jeanne Jugan dedicated her life to serving the elderly poor and abandoned. In 1839, she welcomed an elderly blind woman into her home, giving up her own bed to provide her with comfort. This act of kindness marked the beginnings of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

The congregation continued to grow, and Jeanne Jugan's mission of caring for the elderly poor spread across France and eventually worldwide. The Little Sisters of the Poor became widely recognized for their compassionate care and their commitment to respecting the dignity of each person they served.

Saint Jeanne Jugan was canonized on October 11, 2009, by Pope Benedict XVI. Her feast day is celebrated on August 30th.

Her life and work continue to inspire people today, reminding us of the importance of caring for the less fortunate and showing kindness to those in need.

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