Saint Bonaventure, Patron Saint of bowel disorders | July 15

Saint Bonaventure was a Franciscan theologian, philosopher, and scholar during the Middle Ages. In 1221, he was born Giovanni di Fidanza in Italy and subsequently assumed the name Bonaventure after joining the Franciscan order.

Bonaventure's works had a significant impact on both the Franciscan order and the Catholic Church. He is well known for his theological and philosophical writings, such as "The Journey of the Mind into God" and his commentary on Saint Augustine's works.

Bonaventure was extremely influential in the governance of the Franciscan order. From 1257 until his death in 1274, he was the Franciscans' Minister General. During his leadership, he highlighted the need of preserving the Franciscan way of life's simplicity and poverty.

Bonaventure was noted for his devotion and deep spirituality, in addition to his theological and intellectual accomplishments. He was committed to Saint Francis of Assisi's teachings and aspired to embody the virtues of poverty, humility, and compassion for all of God's creation.

Pope Sixtus IV proclaimed Saint Bonaventure as a saint in 1482. He is regarded as one of the Catholic Church's greatest thinkers and is often regarded as the second founder of the Franciscan order.

Through his writings, leadership, and spiritual example, Saint Bonaventure made a lasting impression on both the Franciscan order and the wider Christian world.

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