Almighty God, Who delivered Your people from the bondage of the adversary, and through Your Son cast down Satan like lightning, deliver me your son/daughter and my entire family also from every influence of unclean spirits especially that of spirits of death, sickness, despair, confusion, division, anxiety, avarice and injustice, fear, anger, hatred, lust, sloth, and pride. Command Satan to depart far from me, my family, and all my loved ones by the power of Your only begotten Son. Rescue us from demonic imaginings and darkness. Fill us with the light of the Holy Spirit that I and my kindred may be guarded against all snares of crafty demons. Grant that an angel will always go before us and lead us to the path of righteousness all the days of our life, to the honor of Your glorious Name, ✠ Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.


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