Novena to Our Lady Of Guadalupe


This novena prayer, written by Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D., is approved by Bishop Burke for use preceding Consecration / Renewal.

Our Lady of Guadalupe,
According to your message in Mexico
I venerate you as "the Virgin Mother
Of the true God for whom we live,
The Creator of all the world,
Maker of heaven and earth."
In spirit I kneel before your most holy Image
Which you miraculously imprinted
Upon the cloak of the Indian Juan Diego,
And with the faith
Of the countless numbers of pilgrims
Who visit your shrine,
I beg you for this favor:
To be a generous, self-sacrificing,
Faithful Marian Catechist all the days of my life.

Remember, O Immaculate Virgin,
The words you spoke to your devout client,
"I am a merciful Mother to you
And to all your people
Who love me and trust in me And invoke my help.
I listen to their lamentations and solace
All their sorrows and their sufferings."
I beg you to be a merciful Mother to me,
Because I sincerely love you and trust in you
And invoke your help.
I entreat you, Our Lady of Guadalupe,
To grant my request,
If this should be the Will of God,
In order that I may
"Bear witness to your love, your compassion,
Your help and protection."
Do not forsake me in my needs. Amen.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us. Hail Mary . . . (3 times)

First Day

Dearest Lady of Guadalupe,
Fruitful Mother of holiness,
Teach me your ways
Of gentleness and strength.
Hear my humble prayer
Offered with heartfelt confidence
To beg this favor (State your petition).

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Second Day

O Mary, conceived without sin,
I come to your throne of grace
To share the fervent devotion
Of your faithful Mexican children
Who call to you
Under the glorious Aztec title of Guadalupe.
Obtain for me a lively faith
To do your Son’s holy will always:
May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Third Day

O Mary,
Whose Immaculate Heart
Was pierced by seven swords of grief,
Help me to walk valiantly
Amid the sharp thorns
Strewn across my pathway.
Obtain for me the strength
To be a true imitator of you.
This I ask you, my dear Mother.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Fourth Day

Dearest Mother of Guadalupe,
I beg you for a fortified will
To imitate your divine Son’s charity,
To always seek the good of others in need.
Grant me this, I humbly ask of you.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Fifth Day

O most holy Mother,
I beg you to obtain for me
Pardon of all my sins,
Abundant graces to serve your Son
More faithfully from now on,
And lastly, the grace to praise Him
With you forever in heaven.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Sixth Day

Mary, Mother of vocations,
Multiply priestly vocations
And fill the earth with religious houses
Which will be light and warmth for the world,
Safety in stormy nights.
Beg your Son to send us
Any priests and religious.
This we ask of you, O Mother.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Seventh Day

O Lady of Guadalupe,
We beg you that parents live
A holy life and educate their children
In a Christian manner;
That children obey and follow
The directions of their parents;
That all members of the family
Pray and worship together.
This we ask of you, O Mother.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Eighth Day

With my heart full
Of the most sincere veneration,
I prostrate myself before you, O Mother,
To ask you to obtain for me
The grace to fulfill the duties
Of my state in life
With faithfulness and constancy.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Ninth Day

O God, You have been pleased
To bestow upon us unceasing favors
By having placed us
Under the special protection
Of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.
Grant us, your humble servants,
Who rejoice in honoring her today upon earth,
The happiness of seeing her face to face in heaven.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

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