St. Albert the Great

The greater and more persistent your confidence in God, the more abundantly you will receive all that you ask.

St. Albert the Great also known as Albertus Magnus was born later in 1200. He was a Dominican bishop and philosopher best known as an educator of St. Thomas Aquinas and as an adherent of Aristotelianism at the University of Paris. He was the eldest son of an affluent German lord. 

Albert’s illimitable interests induced him to put down a compendium of all knowledge: natural science, logic, rhetoric, mathematics, astronomy, ethics, economics, politics, and metaphysics. His justification of learning took 20 years to finish. 

He conciliated disputes between individuals as well as settling a discourse between the people of Colonge and their bishop and he also established Germany's ancient university in that city.

His health became poor in 1278 and he expired on November 15, 1280.


God, You made St. Albert great
by enabling him to combine human wisdom and Divine Faith.
Help us so to adhere to his teaching
that we may progress in the sciences
and at the same time come to a deeper understanding
and love of you.


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