Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

We must pray without tiring, for the salvation of mankind does not depend upon material success . . . but on Jesus alone.

On July 15, 1850, Maria Francesca Cabrini was born at Sant'Angelo Lodigiano. She was entitled to be referred to as "Mother" as head of a religious order.

Mother Cabrini had a lot to do in Italy, however, she forthwith craved accomplishment of a lifelong desire to do missionary work in China. From modest beginnings in the New York City area, Mother Cabrini and her epigones progressively built a countrywide and transnational community of some 70 institutions. Her journeys on behalf of her mission, consisting of 30 crossings of the Atlantic, occupied tons of her time and energy, although she remained bodily frail during her life. On Dec. 22, 1917, after a short illness, she died of malaria in her very own Columbus Hospital in Chicago.

Cardinal George Mundelein of Chicago and others initiated the course of her canonization in 1928. Her remains, primarily at West Park, N.Y. are now enthroned in the chapel of the Blessed Mother Cabrini High School in New York City. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, even though declared to have effected the two miracles essential for canonization, is exceptionally remembered for her vigorous labors amidst immigrants and the destitute in the United States and for the institution and staffing of orphanages, schools, hospitals, convents, and other amenities over the world.

Prayers to Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Merciful and eternal God, source of all gifts, I trust in your mercy and love.

You have urged us through your son, Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ to ask for your assistance in all our needs.

Grant me through the intercession of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, whom I invoke, that I may obtain the grace I desire [mention your need] . . . according to your holy will.

I offer you praise and thanksgiving. Amen.

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