St. Eusebius of Vercelli

Feast day: August 2

He was a Sardinian by birth, joined the Roman clergy, and served as the first bishop of Vercelli in Piedmont, in northwest Italy.

He was dispatched by Pope Liberius to convince the emperor to convene a council to resolve issues between Catholics and Arianism. He refused to support the condemnation of Saint Athanasius and required that everyone sign the Nicene Creed before discussing any other topics. The emperor exerted pressure on him, but Eusebius reaffirmed Athanasius' innocence and emphasized to the emperor that the Church should not be influenced by secular coercion.

Before Constantius' successor Julian allowed Eusebius and the other exiled bishops to return home in 361, he was exiled to two other places. The problem was far from over, and Eusebius spent his final years working tirelessly to undo the damage the Arians had done and continued to do. He became a modern-day Saint Paul after working with Athanasius and participating in councils, traveling all over to strengthen the faith and spread the truth.

He died in 371 and August 2nd has been designated as his feast day. The Cathedral in Vercelli, Italy is named for him and bears his name since he is best renowned for his affirmation of Jesus' divinity.

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